Jacinda Ardern about My Little Prince teething necklace

The necklace Jacinda Ardern calls AMAZING

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Silicone teething baby necklace review

Safe teething jewellery from New Zealand

Welcome to the Baby shop trusted by New Zealand mothers. Safe silicone teething jewellery handmade in NZ by kiwi mother designer in Auckland. BPA Free necklaces and teethers are great remedy for your baby and a great alternative to amber necklaces. Visit our website to find unique natural baby shower gifts such as Jewellery for mums, toys, mobiles and breast pads

Where do we get inspiration

My family is my main inspiration and support. Every piece of jewellery i create I always think if i would give it to my son. It must be safe enough, strong enough and fun to play with. When i create new teething jewellery I always think about what is like to be a mother. A woman who doesn't have all the time for herself anymore, but still needs to look great. 

My silicone jewellery is simple and stylish. It gives a modern twist to any outfit you managed to put on at 5 in the morning after that restless night supporting your teething baby...  Read more