Luxe Nursing Pads

Luxe Nursing Pads are a superior nursing pad, made for the comfort and ease of breastfeeding. They offer the ultimate protection for both milk absorbency and senstivie skin.
Each pad is individually handmade with several layers; konjac spongy inner core, a soft smooth bamboo rayon layer that touches your skin, and a knit and PUL waterproof fabric outer layer for style and design. They also provide a subtle lift and light support inside your bra.
Our pads have been specially designed with a small universal nipple pocket inside the breast pad to add comfort and prevent milk pooling. Our pads are super absorbent and are known to last a whole night, even with the heaviest of leaks. If you are out and about, and don’t have a spare pad, simply remove the pad from your bra, squeeze out the excess milk, and reuse. When you’re home, put them in the washing machine, lay them out to dry, and they are usable again.